Emerging markets are ever at the forefront of creating disruptive ways of engaging entrepreneurship and have long since embraced putting entrepreneurial talent in the driver’s seat of economic growth.

To supplement the release of the global ranking for attracting talent in this year’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), Adecco Group has chosen to highlight the Top CEE Entrepreneurs who have played a key role in shaping their markets in Central, Eastern Europe.

Adecco Group is proud to announce the Top Entrepreneurs of CEE (only covering locations where Adecco Group has presence and visibility of the market).

“Encouraging entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of Adecco Group’s core values and these  entrepreneurs have been be chosen based on how they have disrupted their market, made valid social impact, speed of growth and most importantly for their focus on talent & workplace vitality – attracting, retaining & fostering entrepreneurial spirit from within.”, says Angelo Lo Vecchio, Head of Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.  

Top CEE Entrepreneurs

What were the main parameters for choosing these entrepreneurs?

  • Disruptability
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Growth in Market
  • Company size evolution
  • Talent focused Metrics
  • Attraction
  • Retention
  • Growth

With a specific focus on what Adecco Group likes to call ‘Talent Champions’, without much ado here is the list of Top CEE Entrepreneurs:

Ali Servet Eyuboglu – English Ninjas

Alexandra Stroe – Bookster

Alexandru Paduraru – Creative Tim

Andrei Botescu – Atelierele Pegas

Andrzej Talarek – InterPhone Service

Daniel Santa – Comparty

Dobrivoje Andrejić – DobDive doo

Darko Nikolić – Alda Robotics

Darja Čakar – Aristotel

Irena Bohinjec Uršič, Igor Bohinjec – Fraktal

Gizem Yasa –  24 Saatte Iş

Karina Kucharska – Stefaniak – SEW-EURODRIVE POLAND        

Kostapanos Miliaresis – Ethelon

Lucyna Pasternak  –PZL  ŚWIDNIK            

Leandros & Vassilis Karakatsanis – Dust + Cream

Irena Horvat-Žnidaršič – Potenza Innova

Milan Ristić – Linija Tip doo

Mihai Toader Pasti & Claudiu Butacu – EfdeN

Melania Damian – Sloop (Loja fructelor)

Mircea Capatana – Smart Bill

Nikola Ćurčić – Trusteed doo

Periklis Venieris – Green Cola

Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris  – ReGeneration

Radu Savapol – 5 to go

Samet Ensar Sarı – Altavia Dekatlon

Thomas and George DouzisErgon

Tomasz Jeziorkowski – TPV DISPLAYS POLAND                                               

Konstantinos Mylonas, Cluster Head Adecco Group Greece and Bulgaria, said: “It is a great pleasure for us to see so many names from Greece on this list. It is indicative of the positive progress in the field of entrepreneurship in our country. The fact that we had so many entrepreneurs that have been distinguished in this list makes us proud and we hope this number will grow even more in the future! “

From Greece, the entrepreneurs included in the list are: Kostapanos Milliresis from Ethelon Leandros and Vassilis Karakatsanis from Dust + Cream, Pericles Venieris from Green Cola and Thomas & George Douzis from Ergon. These chosen entrepreneurs will be welcome partners of Adecco Group for the year, offering an in-depth insight into how to turn entrepreneurial potential into entrepreneurial success in the region from being part of our youth leadership & CSR programs to receiving advice from start-ups acquired by Adecco group on scaling up.

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