Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work


resetting normal

Resetting normal is a “must” since the new era of work is here. Businesses, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, have a unique opportunity to shape how, when, and where people will work in the years to come – and define a “better normal”.

But are businesses ready to take on this challenge? What leadership skills will executives need to facilitate this change? And what new skills will be critical to future-proof businesses and careers?

Read the Adecco Group’s new global research study, Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work, to find out what people want in the future and how businesses can be in the driving seat of this change.

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Key themes from the “Resetting Normal” research:

  1. A shift to ‘hybrid’ working as companies and employees call for better flexibility: Increased flexibility deemed to have universal benefits
  2. The end of the 9-5? Tracking results, not hours, clearly emerges as the new way to measure productivity
  3. Reinventing leadership: Empathy, trust and a new focus on wellbeing and culture building are the most important leadership skills in the new era of work
  4. Universal appetite for mass upskilling: The post pandemic climate will call not just for new types of work but also a new type of worker
  5. Employers most trusted to “reset normal” Employers have gained the trust of their employees during the pandemic. It is now time for them to act.

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About the research

The research surveyed 8,000 white-collar workers across eight countries: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the USA. Questions covered how the pandemic had altered people’s way of working and their views around what they wanted for the future.

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