The Adecco Group is running this year again its CEO for One Month program.

‘CEO for One Month’ is an initiative that offers young people the possibility to develop and showcase their leadership potential, to learn what it takes to succeed as a business leader and to acquire the skills and the experience needed to get a foot on the career ladder. At national level, the Programme selects one successful candidate from the applicant pool to shadow the Adecco Group’s country-level CEO for one full month, working side- by-side to experience the life of a senior business leader.

In the last six years, more than 250 candidates have had this amazing opportunity. Then, ten outstanding national participants are selected for a Global Bootcamp and one is every year chosen to work alongside and shadow the global CEO of the Adecco Group for one month.

Since 2015, the ‘CEO for One Month’ has grown from 32,000 to 260,000 applicants in 2019.

CEO for One Month - Adecco Group Greece

After the registrations period ends, our recruitment experts start the selection process. All applicants receive a series of online tests to complete and then our recruitment team conducts phone and personal or skype interviews with the candidates. The last phase of the process is a challenging bootcamp with the participation of the 4 most talented applicants out of which we select our CEO for One Month for Adecco Group Greece.

The selected CEO for One Month for Adecco Group Greece works next to our CEO, Konstantinos Milonas, having the chance to shadow him for a month.

All CEOs for one Month that are selected in their countries of residence around the world go through a second evaluation phase for the selection of the Global CEO for One Month.

Every year, among the Country *CEOs the Global *CEO for One Month is selected and he/she works for one more month under the direct supervision of The Adecco Group’s CEO, Alain Dehaze.

CEO for One Month 2020, Adecco Group Greece

Paraskevi Aliftagki

CEO for One Month 2020

After a demanding selection process, Paraskevi Alifragi was chosen as the “CEO for One Month” of the Adecco Group Greece for 2020, and will work alongside Konstantinos Mylonas, Cluster Head of the Adecco Group Greece and Bulgaria, but also next to the senior leadership of our company. Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month program offers young people the professional experience they need to start their careers. An experience from the real world of work, which cannot be taught in school or university. During this month, Paraskevi will have the opportunity to gain personal experience of what it means to lead a multinational organization.