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Operating across every sector and industry, from finance to entertainment and everything in-between, Adecco matches talented people with the job opportunities and employers they’re looking for. On any given day, Adecco connects with over 700,000 people in over 60 countries.

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Adecco offers a wide range of human resources services, including:

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Permanent Placement

Our Permanent Placement Division is matching talents with general skills to the needs of our clients who can rest assured that we have an efficient and responsive recruitment process providing flexible, tailor-made solutions in permanent placement.

Our consultants are specialized in specific professional sectors, know their requirements in depth and thus achieve the best possible recruitment for each open position. In order to provide the right combination of personal and technical skills, we focus on the following business areas:

1. Clerical & Administrative
2. Finance & Accounting
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Technical & Industrial
5. ΙT & Engineering

Our three main methodologies:

Ι) Database & Advertising Recruitment

It’s being selected in cases of job openings that require traditional recruitment methods in order to attract candidates that are not currently employed or they hold a similar position but are looking for new opportunities to develop their career.

ΙΙ) Direct Search

Direct approach of candidates that hold specific positions in the same or relevant sector with the client-company. It’s being selected in cases when traditional recruitment methods are not effective as high level of specialization is required.

In such cases we develop with the client a list of sectors and companies, where the right candidates are possibly working. These candidates are directly approached by the specialized Adecco consultants, to investigate their interest for new career opportunities. A detailed assessment report is being prepared and being delivered to the client.

ΙΙΙ) Combined Search

There are cases when the right candidates for a job position need to have a specific work experience in a particular sector/department. In such cases a combined method of both Traditional and Direct Search approach is being selected.

Executive Search & Selection

We provide Executive Search and Selection services to source candidates for Director, C-level or highly specialized positions in client companies.

Aiming at building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, we focus on recognizing their needs so that we can ensure that they are met. Our ambition is to connect these two parts and their connection to always result in successful business relationships.

HR Support Services

The specialized consultants of our Permanent Placement Division work together with the HR department of our client company and provide support in specific parts of the search and selection process:

  • Job ad publication
  • CV screening
  • Personal Interviews
  • Candidates assessment
  • Knowledge/Ability/Skills tests

Temporary Placement

Adecco can serve as your full-service staffing partner for every phase of your hiring process. We have the expertise to successfully identify skilled candidates to meet our clients staffing needs across multiple industries and functions.

We have a rich, constantly updated talent pool at our disposal and the right methodologies to source, locate and secure the right talents to meet your recruitment challenges.

  • Temporary Staffing advantages:
    Efficiency: The client company is being relieved of the time consuming and expensive process of sourcing, assessing and managing employees.

The client can focus on the core business letting an experienced staffing partner find the right talent to meet their needs.

  • Reliability: Working with Adecco means consistent reliable support. Our branches network allows us to successfully serve client companies all around Greece by providing them customized to their needs solutions.
  • Flexibility: The client can easily cope with economic turbulence and seasonal needs controlling workforce cost and meeting headcount limitations.
  • Access to the right talent: Adecco has proven expertise in HR Solutions and in identifying the skills required by organizations to succeed. We can recognize the right match for your specific needs in order for your company to immediately benefit from an effective placement.
  • Ensure perfect match: The client can test how well the employee fits in the company’s culture, his/her motivation and skills before proceeding to a permanent hiring.
  • Compliance: Adecco is always updated on the laws and regulations and can serve as your partner in eliminating risks and solve any possible concerns to make sure you can do business successfully and always remain compliant with the Greek laws and regulations.

Mass recruitment

If you want to expand your existing production capacity or to create a new enterprise and you want to hire qualified personnel for certain profiles, qualifications and competences, Adecco helps you achieve this, by providing professional assistance, in order for you to make the right choice.

Mass recruitment involves attracting and managing a large number of applications for a large number of vacancies.

Mass recruitment is a highly complex process which requires its own logistics, including components connected to advertising the vacant positions in the media, screening candidates and last but not least the deployment of an efficient assessment and sorting system.

Adecco has the methodology and the tools necessary for real-time processing of candidates.

Assessment Center

Adecco assesses employees’ competences using a wide range of techniques adapted to each particular workplace, with the purpose of identifying systematically and objectively certain personal features to enhance employees chances of selection or professional development.

The evaluation reports also include information regarding individual communication skills, the need for instruction and training, as well as solutions for improving staff activity and making it more efficient.

Payroll Services

Adecco Group handles the contracts & payroll of existing or potential employees, with definite or indefinite time contracts depending on clients’ needs.

The service includes:

  • Hiring of the indicated employee
  • Submission of the proper documentation to all relevant Public Authorities (Inspection of Law, OAED, IKA- Social Service)
  • Management of payroll according to the working hours certified by monthly timesheets
  • Administrative support to the HR Departments – regular contact with the client and the employee Service’s advantages:
  • Organizational flexibility to successfully cope with the economic turbulences
  • Sustenance of headcount for multinational companies while maintaining their productivity
  • Reduction of turnover
  • Companies avoid the administration tasks concerning submission of documents to Public

Authorities, execution of payroll etc., saving time for in-house employees to focus on the company’s core business >Reduction of administrative costs & better allocation on cost center

Payroll Execution

Our payroll department with long experience and deep knowledge of payroll issuing and management and of the Greek labor market and tax and labor law, takes over all or part of the payroll process of the client company.

Adecco manages the Processing & Execution of Payroll of the client-company. The client-company is being relieved of the need to commit own resources (human, material, etc.) for the particular activities.

Managed Services

Adecco provides Managed Services to companies that need to fully or partially outsource several internal projects or departments.

We cover several functions such as Sales, Recruitment and IT. The service includes:

  • Search and Selection of the employees that will undertake the project or work in the outsourced division
  • Hiring, processing payroll and management of the employees >Provision of specific infrastructure in cooperation with multinational vendors
  • Reporting at the end of each month to the client

Field Marketing Services

Adecco provides clients with tailor-made Field Marketing solutions and is capable of taking over the full management of Projects.

Benefiting from our expertise in the fields of search, selection and employees management, while having in our disposal the latest technologies, we ensure best management processes and fastest execution in each Point-Of-Sale.

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